By Brookside Dental Care
May 07, 2021
Category: Oral Health

Do you suffer from Dentophobia? Here at Brookside Dental Care in Stockton, CA, Drs. Alexander Pritsky and Roger Lang use sedation dentistry to pacify your panic and ensure a calm, comfortable experience.

More about Dental Anxiety

Depending on the severity of your anxiety, your dentist may prescribe one of four levels of sedation to accommodate and relax you. There is minimal, moderate, and deep sedation, as well as general anesthesia. Minimal being relaxed, moderate resulting in slurred speech, with a hazy memory of the procedure, and deep sedation bringing you to the edge of wakefulness. General anesthesia causes complete unconsciousness until it wears off or is reversed.

Why Do Patients in Stockton Need Sedation Dentistry?

People often fear pain when it comes to going to their Stockton dentist. Most of the time, the minimum local anesthetic is enough to quell the pain. With sedation, the dentist uses less anesthesia. Sedation dentistry is also efficient, as more work can be done without the patient becoming overstressed, leading to fewer visits to the dentist. This results in increased risks of dental problems.

Sedation dentistry prevents people from avoiding the dentist and induces a more positive experience at the office, overriding the triggers of panic. This is beneficial for when you're going to the dentist's office, during the procedure, and while booking future appointments.

Whom Should You Call?

Visiting the dentist is an important aspect of self-care, as dental health is linked to overall health. At Brookside Dental Care in Stockton, CA, the practice of sedation dentistry can alleviate the tensions and worries that come with dental anxiety during treatment, but overcoming the fear of making it to the office is an individual effort. The first step in that effort is to call Drs. Alexander Pritsky and Roger Lang at (209) 952-8804 or visit  to learn more about sedation dentistry.