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If you're afraid of dental visits, you know that your comfortable level can vary tremendously based on the compassion and understanding of the dental team. Finding dentists who sympathize with your concerns and offer options to make you more comfortable is essential. Dr. Alexander Pritsky, Dr. Ravneet Nijjar (Otal) and Dr. Emil Tanase--your Stockton, CA dentists at Brookside Dental Care--explain how Sedation Dentistrysedation dentistry can help you.

You'll feel calm and relaxed

Your dentist can offer you a variety of sedation options that will help reduce your anxiety. Choose an oral sedation medication, try nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or opt for intravenous moderate sedation if you prefer a deeper level of sedation. Once the medications take effect, you'll be surprised how calm you feel.

Pain won't be any issue

Many people who have dental phobia are concerned that the visit will be painful, particularly if they've had negative experiences in the past. An increased pain threshold is one particularly important advantage of sedation dentistry. In some cases, patients require no anesthesia or a lower dosage when they use sedatives.

Sounds and sights won't trigger fears

If you have a dental phobia, sometimes just catching a glimpse of dental equipment or hearing sounds you associate with past treatment can raise your anxiety level. Thanks to sedation dentistry, you won't react at all to those triggers. You'll be able to relax in the dental chair while your dentist examines your teeth or performs a dental procedure.

You may spend less time at the dentist's office

You may have to make several visits to your Stockton dentist before you're able to actually stay for the appointment if your fear is overwhelming. If you can only control your anxiety for short periods of time, you might have to leave before your dentist can perform all of the work scheduled for your visit. When you choose sedation dentistry, you'll be able to handle a longer procedure and won't have to return to the office as often.

With sedation dentistry, dental visits don't have to be painful or frightening. Call Dr. Alexander Pritsky, Dr. Ravneet Nijjar (Otal) and Dr. Emil Tanase--your Stockton, CA dentists at Brookside Dental Care--at (209) 952-8804 and learn how they can make your visit much more comfortable.

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