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For many dental patients, losing their teeth can affect their self-esteem extremely. When this dental issue is left untreated, nutrition issuesdentures and other oral health problems may occur. However, thanks to modern dentistry and dentures, Dr. Alexander Pritsky, Dr. Ravneet Nijjar or Dr. Emil Tanase from Brookside Dental Care in Stockton, California can help restore your smile with dentures. They are a reliable treatment method for those with missing teeth. Dr. Pritsky is well versed in the types of dentures available and which type would benefit each patient and their oral health situation.

About Different Types of Dentures

There are countless types of dentures available and a dentist such as Dr. Pritsky from Brookside Dental Care understands which type addresses what type of dental issues. Removable dentures are a type that fits over the remaining bone ridges where the teeth once were. The upper denture itself gets support from the roof of the mouth. Wearing dentures, any type really does require some adjustments and Dr. Pritsky will make sure that your dentures fit as they should and for your particular bite.

Implant-supported overdentures is another type where stability is needed. This is achieved by anchoring these dentures with dental implants. For those looking for functionality or comfort, this is a great option. Immediate dentures are another option that is a temporary one which helps patients transition to wearing permanent ones. These dentures are placed after the teeth are extracted to allow for the proper healing period before the permanent dentures ones are placed. Perhaps the most popular type, conventional full dentures, are custom-made to look like a patient’s natural teeth. They are made to function like the natural teeth.

Ultimately when you’re interested in dentures in Stockton, California, Dr. Alexander Pritsky, Dr. Ravneet Nijjar or Dr. Emil Tanase from Brookside Dental Care can evaluate your teeth and help you choose the best type of treatment for your situation. To schedule an appointment, call our Stockton dental office today at 209-952-8804.

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