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Dental Implant ModelIt's important to understand what you're getting into when it comes to health-related procedures. At Brookside Dental Care in Stockton, California, Dr. Alexander Pritsky believes in educating his patients on all the dental procedures and treatments he offers. Since dental implants are fairly new, a lot of patients have questions about them. Below are some of the answers to a few of the common questions we hear regarding implant dentistry.


Do dental implants hurt?

Most people who have had dental implants are surprised at the simplicity of the procedure. Since the post closes off the incision, there is no open wound as there would be with a tooth extraction. This means there's no downtime afterwards and the site heals quickly and without a need for bandages or dressings. As with any dental procedure, your Stockton dentist will use the latest in anesthetics to make sure you're comfortable and relaxed while it's happening.


Do I have to remove my dental implants?

Dental implants are an amazing restoration for many reasons, one of them being that they're completely permanent! That means they never need to be taken out for cleaning or adjustment. All you need to do to care for your implants is to make sure you're brushing and flossing regularly, as well as keeping current on your checkups with your Stockton dentist, and then you can keep them in place for decades to come.


Are dental implants expensive?

As you discuss dental implant pricing with your Stockton dentist, you may be wondering about the cost difference between implants and other tooth restorations. As we discussed above, dental implants are designed to be totally permanent and maintenance free. This means that you won't need to worry about scheduling appointments to have them adjusted or refitted. The other cost and time-saving aspect of implant dentistry is that their permanent nature means that your other natural teeth are "tricked" into thinking that it's a natural tooth, so they won't shift out of place or loosen as they otherwise would.

If you have further questions about implant dentistry, Dr. Alexander Pritsky would be happy to answer them! Contact Brookside Dental Care in Stockton, CA, at (209) 952-8804 to schedule a consultation with him.

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