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Are you trying to find the right tooth loss treatment? Have you considered dentures?

When it comes to replacing your missing teeth you certainly have options. Just ask our Stockton dentists Dr. Alexander Pritsky, Dr. denturesRavneet Nijjar or Dr. Emil Tanase! Of course, if you are missing most or all of your teeth and are looking for a quick and convenient way to replace them, then you may want to consider whether dentures are right for you.

Tell me about dentures….

Dentures are a dental prosthetic that contains a set of teeth that are attached to a foundation designed to look like gums. Dentures can be used to replace multiple teeth (partial dentures) or all of your teeth (complete dentures). Usually, dentures are removable and suction is used to keep dentures attached to your gums.

When should I consider getting dentures in Stockton?

Just about anyone who is dealing with significant or total tooth loss can benefit from wearing dentures. You could easily be a great candidate for treatment if you are missing multiple teeth and are looking for a dependable way to replace them.

However, in order to be a good candidate there are some factors that our Stockton general dentist will need to consider before determining your candidacy. Certain factors include:

  • Good general and oral health
  • A smile that is free of decay, gum disease, and infection
  • Conditions such as dry mouth or a sensitive gag reflex
  • Habits such as teeth grinding

If any of these situations are keeping you from getting dentures then we would be happy to talk to you about other ways to replace your missing teeth.

Brookside Dental Care is ready to handle all of your dental needs so that you get a smile you can be proud of. Don’t let tooth loss affect your oral health or self-confidence. Turn to our Stockton restorative dentists today for treatment!

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