Does the thought of seeing the dentist send your heart racing? Do you find yourself canceling appointment after appointment with your dentist because you fear even stepping foot in the doorway? If dental anxiety has you neglecting your smile, sedation dentistry in Stockton can help. We know that dental phobias and anxieties are fairly common and our goal is to make your next visit as easy as possible with sedation dentistry.

Oral Sedation

Sedation DentistryThis is the most common form of sedation dentistry that we use. Oral sedation comes in the form of a pill that we have our patients take about 30 minutes before their procedure to make sure it has taken full effect. The most common types of oral sedation are prescription anti-anxiety medications such as Valium. The dosage you receive will depend on the type of procedure performed and your level of anxiety. While oral sedation has been safely used for years, there is still a chance of side effects. Talk to your Stockton dentist about possible side effects of oral sedation.

Inhalation Sedation

You may better know this type of sedation by the colloquial term, “laughing gas”. We first place a mask over your mouth and nose and deliver a steady, controlled stream of nitrous oxide to help reduce anxiety and to ease you into a relaxed state. The best part about opting for inhalation sedation is that the effects wear off shortly after, so patients can drive themselves home after their procedure. Furthermore, there is less chance for unpleasant side effects with this form of sedation.

So who can benefit from sedation dentistry in Stockton?

While sedation dentistry can help those with dental anxieties breathe a bit easier during their next visit, this isn’t the only people it helps. Those who have to endure multiple procedures in one sitting, those who have issues sitting in one position for long periods of time (including children), those with sensitive gag reflexes and those with special needs can all benefit from the use of sedation dentistry.

When can sedation dentistry be used?

While it might seem that sedation dentistry is best used for in-depth and long dental procedures, if your anxiety makes it difficult for you to even sit through a routine cleaning, then you can opt for sedation. Sedation dentistry can be used in conjunction with just about any dental procedure.

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